The Yorkshire Dales is an extraordinarily rich and unique cultural landscape created through the interaction of people and nature over thousands of years.

The Historic Environment team of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority maintain the Historic Environment Record (HER). This is a database of recorded archaeological sites and historic environment features in the National Park. It is a repository of knowledge and an effective tool in the protection of the area’s heritage through use of the data in the planning process; and public and academic research. The HER is constantly being enhanced and updated as a result of project work, developer-funded investigations and reports of finds and new features by the public.

Our aim is to increase your enjoyment of the Yorkshire Dales by helping you understand more about this special cultural landscape. In 2004, a selection of archaeological information from the HER was brought ‘out of oblivion’ and put online for the first time for easier access by a wider audience. This website has recently (2023) been moved to a more accessible site and we have tried our best to update any old information as part of this move. However, if you find anything that is incorrect or not working please let us know by email