During 2004 children from two Yorkshire Dales primary schools worked as ‘Young Archaeologists’ on a project to record archaeological sites near to their schools.

The children worked in teams, led by a professional archaeologist called Kevin Cale, to survey the surface features and interpret the archaeological evidence.

Classes 3 and 4 from Threshfield Primary School visited the Crook Laithe settlement near Linton.

Classes 3 and 4 from Ingleton Primary School visited the Broadwood settlement site near Ingleton.


The sites were chosen so that the children might get an insight into life in their area in times past. They also show types of features that can easily be spotted elsewhere when the children are out and about.


Kevin visited each group to prepare for a site visit, giving background on archaeology and study techniques. Lots of resources were used to get to know the site, like old hand drawn maps, Ordnance Survey maps of different ages, geophysics survey results, reconstruction drawings, site and aerial photographs.


Signs indicating the presence of buildings, stone quarries, boundaries, enclosures, water courses and strip lynchets (ancient field strips) were identified and many were spotted in the immediate locality, some right next to school.


Each group managed to see archaeological earthworks on site and map features using archaeological drawing techniques. Ingleton Primary School were lucky enough to be able to see part of their site being excavated by the Ingleborough Archaeology Group.


Following the site visits, children have been involved in recording their work and reporting to the local community. Threshfield School held a school archaeology day based on the project and produced a school newsletter, with contributions from individual children, outlining their study. Ingleton children have produced displays of their work and made PowerPoint presentations. In the following pages you will see examples of some of this work.


Threshfield Primary School Photographs


Threshfield Primary School Work


Ingleton Primary School PowerPoint Presentations

To find out about Kevin Cale’s other community projects see his new community archaeology website.


Aerial photo of Crook Laithe site

Crooke Laithe Site Aerial Photo


Aerial photo of Broadwood site

Broadwood Site Aerial Photo