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West Witton
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Belvedere, Swinithwaite Hall MYD35811 (c) YDNPA, 2023

Belvedere, Swinithwaite Hall MYD35811 (c) YDNPA, 2023

An octagonal belvedere built in 1792 by John Foss of Richmond for the owner of Swinithwaite Hall, T J Anderson. Such buildings were intended as decorative features within a park landscape and as view points. This example is two storeys high. The upper storey has a parapet walkway giving access to a room decorated with Neo-classical plasterwork and with a cast iron fireplace. From here the estate owner and his guests could dine in comfort while enjoying panoramic views of Wensleydale.


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Site lies close to road on north side of A684 about 3/4 mile west of Swinithwaite. No public access. View from roadside.

Public Transport Details

Nearest town/village: Swinithwaite. Call Traveline on 0870 608 2 608 to plan your journey. After the welcome message key in 885 for North Yorkshire information.


Viewable from roadside.