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East Witton Lodge lime kiln MYD19019 © David Johnson, 2004

East Witton Lodge lime kiln MYD19019 © David Johnson, 2004

The top of this 19th century kiln is visible from Braithwaite Lane and you can gain an impression from this of the size of the kiln. There are two kilns at East Witton Lodge – one is small and typical of the field kilns found all over the Dales but the one in question has twin draw holes and is of a scale not common in rural settings of the National Park.

It was clearly a commercially run kiln and the large size of the quarry across the road hints at the quantity of stone that fed the kiln. Working on this scale, stone was most probably carted from the quarry face to be tipped straight into the kiln’s single bowl.

The kiln would have been operated on a continuous basis with fuel and stone being loaded at the top as the fire transformed the kiln fill into quicklime. There would have been an arrangement in the lower part of the bowl to direct burned lime to one or other of the draw holes. It was built to last, as indicated by the quality of the masonry and by the use of firebrick, rather than sandstone, as a lining for the bowl.

Lime would have been sold at the kiln, or despatched for sale elsewhere in the dale.


The road to East Witton Lodge begins at the western end of East Witton Green. The lime kiln is close to the road on the north side about 1/2 mile from the top of the green. At a point about 1 km from the village the top of the kiln can be viewed from the north side of the road. A slightly, but not much, better view may be had from the gateway to East Witton Lodge about 80 metres further on.

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Only partly viewable from roadside.