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Carlton Highdale
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Old School, Horsehouse MYD36586 (c) YDNPA, 2023

Old School, Horsehouse MYD36586 (c) YDNPA, 2023

The building that now houses Horsehouse village hall in Coverdale was once Horsehouse school. It was rebuilt in 1877 with funds donated by H T Robinson Esq and Mr G W W Wray of Leyburn. The following poem can be seen there. It was composed by a local man, Ralph Rider, who was 90 years old and blind at the time. His descendants now live in America. It presumably records the benefactors of the earlier school.

“The Stranger may here see as he goes by

An Act of most extensive Charity

Which Providence has brought upon the stage

Such Deeds are rare in this degenerate age

Where sensual Pleasures, Avarice and Pride

Predominate, and Virtue laid aside.

Here’s Treasure laid for ages to endure

from Rust and Moth and Pilfering thieves secure

Which like seed sown upon a fertile soil

In time will recompense the Plowman’s toil.

Posterity may reap the crop and thank



Hatcher, Jane (1990) Richmondshire Architecture. Richmond: C J Hatcher


Lies on northern edge of Horsehouse on west side of road at junction with public bridleway up High Gill. Kept locked, but regularly used for community events. View from roadside.

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Nearest town/village: Horsehouse. Call Traveline on 0870 608 2 608 to plan your journey. After the welcome message key in 885 for North Yorkshire information.


Viewable from roadside.