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High Green field walls, Hebden MYD36685 (c) YDNPA, 2023

High Green field walls, Hebden MYD36685 (c) YDNPA, 2023

In Medieval times, the community of Hebden cultivated its land communally. Four large open fields were laid out around the village and people were given small plots of land within these open fields to grow crops in. They also shared the grazing and hay meadows. Local historians have carefully surveyed the walls around the village and have discovered parts of the original walls of these communal fields. They are distinguished by having large boulders at their base and tend to ‘wriggle’ across the countryside rather than follow straight lines. A good example can be seen alongside the Hebden Gill road running through High Green.


Joy, David (2002) Hebden. The History of a Dales Township. Hebden: Hebden History Group


From Hebden take the road going north signposted 'BW Yarnbury' for about 500m. When the left hand (west) wall bends away from the road leaving a grass verge about 10 metres wide this is the High Green Field Wall.

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Viewable from roadside.