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Ribblehead Viaduct from the air MYD24494 (c) YDNPA, 2023

Ribblehead Viaduct from the air MYD24494 (c) YDNPA, 2023

The 400 metre long Ribblehead viaduct was one of the most impressive feats of engineering on the Settle-Carlisle railway line. The foundations for this huge viaduct had to be dug deep (up to 7.5 metres) into the peat and clay down to solid rock. The limestone masonry brought from nearby quarries was laid on concrete foundations. Steam powered cranes were used to lift the blocks into place. Contemporary photographs show the complicated wooden scaffolding required as the huge arches were built.

Ribblehead viaduct MYD24494 (c) YDNPA, 2023

Ribblehead viaduct MYD24494 (c) YDNPA, 2023


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B6255 from Ingleton to Ribblehead. The track (public bridleway) to the viaduct is just beyond the Station Inn at Ribblehead. The viaduct is about 500 metres down this track.

Public Transport Details

Nearest town/village: Ribblehead. Call Traveline on 0870 608 2 608 to plan your journey. After the welcome message key in 885 for North Yorkshire information.


Unmetalled track, uneven and rough in places.